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Mighty Mites Parent/Tot Together, you and your child will explore a new sport each week. Essential concepts like simple motor skills, communication, and team work will be taught. Parent or guardian must be 18 years or older and participate with the child. (PT) Age: 2 - 3 ● Prairie Point Elementary School 26487 Jan 11-Feb 1 Thu 6:30-7:15pm $40(R)/$55(N) 26489 Feb 13-Mar 12 Tue 6:30-7:15pm $50(R)/$65(N) Mighty Mites Soccer Children will learn basic soccer skills in this engaging program. Class is designed to incorporate beginner soccer skills through a variety of fun games and drills. Children will learn teamwork and good sportsman ship. (PT) Age: 3 - 5 ● Prairie Point Elementary School 26493 Feb 15-Mar 14 Thu 6:30-7:15pm $40(R)/$55(N) Age: 4 - 6 ● Prairie Point Elementary School 26486 Jan 10-31 Wed 7:15-8:00pm $40(R)/$55(N) All Star Sports Jr. Basketball Our instructional program is designed to teach the game of basketball at a basic level while making sure the players stay active and engaged throughout the en tire class. We will work on dribbling with both hands, passing and shooting techniques, and understanding basic offense and defense. (AF-C) Age: 3 - 4 ● Civic Center 26621 Jan 13-Feb 10 Sat 10:00-10:45am $45(R)/$60(N) 26502 Feb 17-Mar 16 Sat 10:00-10:45am $55(R)/$70(N) Age: 4 - 6 ● Civic Center 26622 Jan 13-Feb 10 Sat 11:00am-12:00pm $45(R)/$60(N) 26503 Feb 17-Mar 9 Sat 11:00am-12:00pm $45(R)/$60(N) All Star Sports Jr. Soccer Taught the All-Star way, this program will keep every one active and engaged both mentally and physically throughout the class! We will cover simple foot skills, dribbling, passing, shooting, basic rules, and even work on spreading the field. Participants should bring a soccer ball. (AF-C) Age: 3 - 4 ● Civic Center 26630 Jan 22- Feb 12 Mon 11:00-11:45am $45(R)/$60(N) 26504 Feb 26-Mar 18 Mon 11:00-11:45am $45(R)/$60(N) Age: 4 - 6 ● Civic Center 26628 Jan 17-Feb 14 Wed 2:45-3:45pm $55(R)/$70(N) 26505 Feb 21-Mar 20 Wed 2:45-3:45pm $55(R)/$70(N)

All Star Sports Jr. T-Ball The All Star approach to baseball is one that will engage all players no matter what their skill level. Our coaching technique will provide basic building blocks to later develop more advanced skills in the sport. This fun and exciting program will prepare each player for the Level 2 T-ball or coach pitch leagues. (AF-C) Age: 3 - 4 ● Civic Center 26627 Jan 17-Feb 14 Wed 2:00-2:45pm $55(R)/$70(N) 26507 Feb 21-Mar 20 Wed 2:00-2:45pm $55(R)/$70(N) Age: 4 - 6 ● Civic Center 26626 Jan 17-Feb 14 Wed 1:00-2:00pm $55(R)/$70(N) 26506 Feb 21-Mar 20 Wed 1:00-2:00pm $55(R)/$70(N) All Star Sports Parent/Tot A great opportunity for you and your child to bond and have fun together while learning a variety of dif ferent sports. Participants will improve simple motor skills involving hand-eye coordination such as catch ing, throwing, batting, shooting, and passing. Parents will participate with their child. (AF-C) Age: 2 - 3 ● Civic Center 26629 Jan 13-Feb 10 Sat 9:30-10:00am $45(R)/$60(N) 26632 Jan 22-Feb 12 Mon 10:30-11:00am $45(R)/$60(N) 26508 Feb 17-Mar 16 Sat 9:30-10:00am $55(R)/$70(N) 26509 Feb 26-Mar 18 Mon 10:30-11:00am $45(R)/$60(N) All Star Super Sports Jr Program This class is for the all-around athlete or for a child who wants to take a shot at different sports! Stay active and work on balance, motor skills, and hand eye coordina tion all while learning the rules of various sports. We will focus on a new sport each class. There’s no reason to pick a sport when you can play them all! (AF-C) Age: 3 - 4 ● Civic Center 26623 Jan 13-Feb 10 Sat 12:00-12:45pm $45(R)/$60(N) 26624 Jan 17-Feb 14 Wed 9:15-10:00am $55(R)/$70(N) 26631 Jan 22-Feb 12 Mon 12:45-1:30pm $45(R)/$60(N) 26510 Feb 17-Mar 16 Sat 12:00-12:45pm $55(R)/$70(N) 26512 Feb 21-Mar 20 Wed 9:15-10:00am $55(R)/$70(N) 26511 Feb 26-Mar 18 Mon 12:45-1:30pm $45(R)/$60(N) Age: 4 - 5 ● Civic Center 26625 Jan 17-Feb 14 Wed 10:00-11:00am $55(R)/$70(N) 26513 Feb 21-Mar 20 Wed 10:00-11:00am $55(R)/$70(N) Canlan Sports Skating Academy: Parent & Tot Put the FUN in fundamentals with Learn to Skate Parent & Child - the safest way to get your child on the ice. This program is perfect for parents looking to introduce new skaters to fundamental skating skills. Fun and educational games and activities help your child get comfortable on the ice with the assistance of

Canlan Sports Skating Academy: Snowplow Sam 1 Have a kid under 5? These entry-level classes are specifically designed for your little one! The Snowplow Sam levels are introductory classes divided into four progressive levels, helping children new to skating build confidence while learning the ABCs of move ment - agility, balance, coordination, and speed. Classes are in a safe and positive environment incor porating fun and games with our friendly instructors, using United States Figure Skating guidelines and standards. In Snowplow Sam 1, kids will learn how to sit and stand u with skates both on and off-ice, march in place, march forward (8-10 steps), march then glide on two feet, and dip in place. (AF-C) Age: 3 - 5 ● Canlan Ice Sports Canlan Sports Skating Academy: Basic I - Skating If you are looking for a great start into figure skating or hockey, start with the basics! The Learn to Skate Basic program offers professional instruction at many comprehensive levels using the United States Figure Skating guidelines and standards. If your child is new to skating, Basic Level 1 is a perfect choice! With a focus on getting your skater comfortable on the ice, USFS-qualified coaches introduce participants to fundamental skills, including sitting and standing up on the ice, marching forward, and snowplow stopping on two feet. (AF-C) Age: 6 - 15 ● Canlan Ice Sports (1581 Normantown Road, Romeoville) 26471 Jan 8-Mar 11 Mon 5:30-6:00pm 26472 Jan 13-Mar 16 Sat 9:15-9:45am 26473 Mar 18-May 13 Mon 5:30-6:00pm 26474 Mar 23-May 18 Sat 9:15-9:45am $210(R)/$225(N) $165(R)/$180(N) $190(R)/$205(N) $145(R)/$160(N)

(1581 Normantown Road, Romeoville) 26475 Jan 8-Mar 11 Mon 5:30-6:10pm 26476 Jan 10-Mar 13 Wed 5:40-6:20pm 26477 Jan 13-Mar 16 Sat 9:15-9:55am 26478 Mar 18-May 13 Mon 5:30-6:10pm 26479 Mar 20-May 15 Wed 5:40-6:20pm 26480 Mar 23-May 18 Sat 9:15-9:55am

$245(R)/$260(N) $245(R)/$260(N) $195(R)/$210(N) $220(R)/$235(N) $220(R)/$235(N) $170(R)/$185(N)

Canlan Sports Skating Academy: Learn to Skate - Teen & Adult Whether you are interested in joining hockey, improving your skating abilities, or simply having fun learning a new skill, this is the program for you! In the Teen & Adult Learn to Skate program, you are taught fundamental skating skills by trained instruc tors. Master your balance, acceleration, crossovers, edges, turns, and stopping in a fun, introductory-level course. (AF-C)

Age: 16 and up ● Canlan Ice Sports (1581 Normantown Road, Romeoville) 26481 Jan 8-Mar 11 Mon 5:30-6:10pm 26482 Jan 13-Mar 16 Sat 9:15-9:55am 26495 Mar 18-May 13 Mon 5:30-6:10pm 26496 Mar 23-May 18 Sat 9:15-9:55am

parents and coaches. (AF-C) Age: 3 - 5 ● Canlan Ice Sports (1581 Normantown Road, Romeoville) 26467 Jan 8-Mar 11 Mon 5:30-6:00pm 26468 Jan 13-Mar 16 Sat 9:15-9:45am 26469 Mar 18-May 13 Mon 5:30-6:00pm 26470 Mar 23-May 18 Sat 9:15-9:45am

$245(R)/$260(N) $195(R)/$210(N) $220(R)/$235(N) $170(R)/$185(N)

$210(R)/$225(N) $165(R)/$180(N) $190(R)/$205(N) $145(R)/$160(N)

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