Winter 2023 Play Book




Yoga at theMuseumfor Kids— Snowga! Embrace winter and all it has to offer while we warm up practicing yoga. Stretch, play, and pretend in this fun and interactive yoga class. A great way to teach your children the importance of the mind/body con nection! Every two children must be registered with at least one adult. Only adults need to register. Bring a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 2 - 7 ● Little White School Museum 23967 Feb 26 Sun 9:15-9:45am $10(R)/$15(N) Yoga at theMuseumfor Big Kids—Snowga! Come embrace winter and all it has to offer while we warm up practicing yoga at the Little White School Museum. Stretch and use your imagination in this fun and interactive yoga class that is all about winter! Bring a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 7 - 12 ● Little White School Museum 23968 Feb 26 Sun 9:50-10:30am $10(R)/$15(N) YOUTH

Minecraft Engineering Does your child love Minecraft? Imagine if children learn Civil Engineering and City Planning while they are in a Minecraft world. Students work as civil engi neers and city planners to design and create a struc tured city that includes roads, bridges, and city zones containing housing, stores, libraries, schools and more. Students just need a very basic understanding of using Minecraft for this class. This class is instructed by USEL/Chasewood Learning. (BE-C) Age: 8 - 14 ● Boulder Point 23986 Jan 9-Feb 6 Mon 6:00-6:50pm $108(R)/$123(N) LEGORobotics Academy Using a creative educational approach that supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), this class uses teacher-led instruction followed by fun, engaging, and dynamic activities. Students are introduced to basic robotics and mechanical engineer ing concepts by building and coding a different project each week. Creative challenges are given to students as they progress through levels. This class is instructed by USEL/Chasewood Learning. (BE-C) Age: 6 - 14 ● Boulder Point 23984 Jan 9-Feb 6 Mon 7:00-7:50pm $108(R)/$123(N) 23985 Feb 20-Mar 20 Mon 6:00-6:50pm $108(R)/$123(N)

AbracadabraMagic Learn fascinating and mesmerizing tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading, and more. While the tricks may appear difficult, they are quick to learn and easy to perform! All materials are provided, and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and always learn tricks that are age-appropriate. Sign up for more than one session as magic tricks differ each time. Taught by the Magic Team of Gary Kantor. (BE-C) Age: 5 - 12 ● South Point 23987 Feb 9 Thu 6:45-7:40pm $22(R)/$37(N) Learn toCodewith Scratch Students learn programming essentials using MIT’s Scratch coding language using a simple visual interface. A multilevel curriculum starts with chil dren learning the basics of programming. Students program interactive media projects, such as stories, games, and animations. The activities encourage exploration of key computational thinking concepts (sequence, loops, parallelism, events, conditionals, operators, data) and key computational thinking practices (experimenting and iterating, testing and debugging, reusing and remixing, abstracting and modularizing). This class is instructed by USEL/

Chasewood Learning. (BE-C) Age: 8 - 14 ● Boulder Point 23983 Feb 20-Mar 20 Mon 7:00-7:50pm


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