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Turbokick Turbokick is a cardio kickboxing class choreographed to upbeat music that tones muscle and torches fat. Class will fly by as you punch and kick to party tunes,

Yoga Fundamentals Focus on form and proper alignment in this class designed to unite body and mind in a meditative yoga practice. Iyengar inspired - Integration of props to accommodate for all levels and body types. If you are looking for a supplement to your usual fitness routine, are suffering from an injury, or chronic condition then this is the class for you! Bring a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Little White School Museum 23687 Jan 9-Feb 13 Mon 5:30-6:30pm $59(R)/$74(N) 23940 Feb 20-Apr 3 Mon 5:30-6:30pm $69(R)/$84(N) Ellen Von Ohlen Yoga Sculpt Combine the use of weights, traditional yoga poses, and cardio bursts to take your practice to another level. Class will include heart pumping sun salutations and vinyasa flow with light weights and barre move ments to tone and lengthen muscles. An up-beat class that will leave you invigorated and refreshed. Bring a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Civic Center 23692 Jan 10-Feb 14 Tue 9:30-10:15am $49(R)/$64(N) 23948 Feb 21-Apr 4 Tue 9:30-10:15am $59(R)/$74(N) Mindy Ehrenfeld Zumba Dance your worries away with high energy music and the unique moves of Zumba. This “feel-happy” work out is great for both the body and mind. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Civic Center 23694 Jan 10-Feb 14 Tue 6:30-7:15pm $49(R)/$64(N) 23951 Feb 21-Apr 4 Tue 6:30-7:15pm $59(R)/$74(N) Deborah Holland Age: 13 and up ● South Point 23784 Jan 12-Feb 16 Thu 7:00-7:45pm $49(R)/$64(N) 23964 Feb 23-Apr 6 Thu 7:00-7:45pm $59(R)/$74(N) Roxanne Greenwell ZumbaGold A class for active adults looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower intensity. Focus on balance, range of motion and coordination. Come ready to sweat, and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong. Benefits all ele ments of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular condition ing, flexibility and balance! (SM) Age: 13 and up ● South Point 23785 Jan 11-Feb 15 Wed 5:45-6:30pm $49(R)/$64(N) 23955 Feb 22-Apr 5 Wed 5:45-6:30pm $59(R)/$74(N) Deborah Holland ACES ... ActiveCitizens Exercising Slowly and gently, stretch your muscles to feel better and have more energy. Exercise tapes and videos are used in class. Wear clothes that you can move easily in. This is a year-round, on-going program. There is no fee to participate and no registration necessary. Civic Center Tuesday/Thursday 8:15- 9:10am

and have a blast doing it! (SM) Age: 16 and up ● Civic Center 23782 Jan 13-Feb 17 Fri 9:30-10:15am 23966 Feb 24-Apr 7 Fri 9:30-10:15am

$49(R)/$64(N) $59(R)/$74(N)

Mindy Ehrenfeld

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Yoga Take part in the moving meditation of yoga, a system that develops the mind, body, and spirit. Class will guide you in successful yoga practice which combines breathing techniques, basic poses, deep stretching, and a final relaxation. Bring a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Boulder Point 23686 Jan 9-Feb 13 Mon 9:15-10:15am $59(R)/$74(N) 23939 Feb 20-Apr 3 Mon 9:15-10:15am $69(R)/$84(N) Annette Reese Age: 13 and up ● Civic Center 23689 Jan 9-Feb 13 Mon 6:50-7:20pm $39(R)/$54(N) 23944 Feb 20-Apr 3 Mon 6:50-7:20pm $45(R)/$60(N) April Booras Yoga - Pilates This class combines yoga and pilates to improve your posture and strength while increasing flexibility and helping to reduce stress. Bring both a thick exercise Copy Hind Light Hind Regular Hind M dium Hind Semibold Hind Bold Main Colors Alternate Colors Logo White Square Logo Yoga Flowand Stretch Increase flexibility, develop strength, improve balance, and release tension through safe stretching, Vinyasa flow movements, a variety of poses, and restorative relaxation. Bring a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Little White School Museum 23702 Jan 12-Feb 16 Thu 4:15-5:15pm $59(R)/$74(N) Yoga for Healthy Bones Most people over the age of 50 are at risk of osteopo rosis a condition that attacks the spongy part of the bones, including the lumbar spine, hips, & wrists. Research shows that yoga can improve your bone density and help you reduce bone loss. Learn specific poses to build stronger bones, improve balance, and increase muscle mass- combating osteoporosis and other injuries that can occur with aging. Bring a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Little White School Museum 23704 Jan 12-Feb 16 Thu 5:30-6:30pm $59(R)/$74(N) 23961 Feb 23-Apr 6 Thu 5:30-6:30pm $69(R)/$84(N) Ellen Von Ohlen 23783 Feb 23-Apr 6 Thu 4:15-5:15pm $69(R)/$84(N) Annette Laughlin and a yoga mat to class. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Civic Center 23682 Jan 7-Feb 11 Sat 8:35-9:15am 23700 Jan 11-Feb 15 Wed 6:50-7:30pm 23934 Feb 18-Apr 1 Sat 8:35-9:15am 23957 Feb 22-Apr 5 Wed 6:50-7:30pm $49(R)/$64(N) $49(R)/$64(N) $59(R)/$74(N) $59(R)/$74(N) April Booras

Walking Interval Training Get a total body workout without putting stress on your joints in this class designed to elevate your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health. Led by a motivating instructor, class will include 45 minutes of walking cardio intervals and combination step movements with or without weights and end with 15 minutes of strength training exercises. If you can

walk, you can do this class! (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Civic Center 23705 Jan 12-Feb 16 Thu 7:00-7:45pm 23963 Feb 23-Apr 6 Thu 7:00-7:45pm

$49(R)/$64(N) $59(R)/$74(N)

Laura Edward

Winter ShapeUp Winter is the perfect season to get in shape! In this program, participants receive a weekly group workout, optional weigh-in, and Q&A with an experienced group fitness instructor. In just six weeks you’ll discover different fitness modalities as well as receive accountability to keep you motivated and moving. Aside from weight, inches, and the stress of tackling this journey alone, what do you have to lose? (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Boulder Point 23787 Feb 28-Apr 4 Tue 7:00-7:45pm $49(R)/$64(N) Laura Edward YinYoga This Yin Yoga class offers relaxing poses that target the connective tissues and joints of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Class is suitable to all levels of students through extended holds of postures as well as breath ing and meditation. Bring a mat along with a blanket and pillow (or bolster). Blocks and straps will be available. (SM) Age: 13 and up ● Little White School Museum 23774 Jan 9-Feb 13 Mon 6:45-7:45pm $59(R)/$74(N) 23943 Feb 20-Apr 3 Mon 6:45-7:45pm $59(R)/$74(N) Renee Mahoney Personal Training Take your fitness to a higher level with the help of a personal trainer. Get a customized one-on-one workout! Times for personal training are flexible. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all training sessions. Please call 630.554.1010 for more informa tion or to register. $50(R)/(N) - Hourly Private Lesson $135(R)/(N) - 3 Pack

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