Winter 2023 Play Book

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HipHop Our hip hop classes focus on rhythm, coordination and musicality. Students will gain confidence in this fast paced high energy class. As dancers progress they will continue to build on the skills they have learned to create new moves and routines. (RV) Beginner Age: 7 - 9 ● Boulder Point 24016 Jan 15-May 21 Sun 9:50-10:50am $229(R)/$244(N) Emma Johnson Beginner/Intermediate Age: 10 - 17 ● Boulder Point 24017 Jan 15-May 21 Sun 11:10am-12:10pm $229(R)/$244(N) McKenna Potter Advanced Age: 10 - 17 ● Boulder Point 24015 Jan 12-May 25 Thu 5:30-6:45pm $285(R)/$300(N) Rockie Veverka Poms - HipHop Dancers will benefit from the jazz technique and sharp motions of poms along with the freedom of expression with hip hop. Tan jazz shoes required. (RV) Age: 6 - 9 ● Boulder Point 24030 Jan 15-May 21 Sun 12:00-1:00pm $229(R)/$244(N) Emma Johnson Musical TheatreDance Learn what it takes to make it on stage and dance to musicals you’ll love! Build confidence by working on perfecting choreography, character development, and stage presence. (RV) Age: 6 - 9 ● Boulder Point 24060 Jan 12-May 25 Thu 6:25-7:25pm $249(R)/$264(N) Brooke Thomas Age: 10 - 17 ● Boulder Point 24028 Jan 11-May 31 Wed 7:30-8:30pm $259(R)/$274(N) Rachel Moffett Acro For Dancers Concentrate on strength, control, flexibility, and tumbling. Class is instructed in a progressive manner and will begin by focusing on fundamental acrobatic technique such as handstands, backbends, and walk overs. Dancers will continue to advance as skills are mastered. Prior dance experience required. (RV) Age: 12 and up ● Boulder Point 23992 Jan 10-May 30 Tue 8:05-8:50pm $165(R)/$180(N) Isabella Mahoney

Recital OpeningNumber Dancers, help us kick off this year’s recital with an opening number! Participants will learn a group dance for another opportunity to take the recital stage. Participants will perform in either recital A, B, or C determined by the dance class they’re registered for. If your dancer is in multiple classes, they only need to

register for one show. (RV) Age: 6 - 17 ● Boulder Point Show A 24083 May 6-20

Sat 1:15-2:30pm


Show B 24084 May 6-20 Show C 24085 May 6-20

Dance – Adult Adult Ballet

Sat 1:15-2:30pm


Sat 1:15-2:30pm


Whether you’re new to ballet or returning to the art, this class is for you. Work on the fundamentals of bal let technique through barre and floor exercises, while working on flexibility and strengthening your body. Comfortable clothing and ballet shoes required. (RV) Age: 18 and up ● Boulder Point 24080 Jan 14-Mar 11 Sat 8:15-9:00am $75(R)/$90(N) 24081 Mar 18-May 20 Sat 8:15-9:00am $75(R)/$90(N) Brianne Sendaj Adult HipHop Get introduced to, or brush on your skills in this ener gizing class. Dancers will work on isolations, grooves, musicality and learn different hip hop combinations. (RV) Age: 18 and up ● Boulder Point 24061 Jan 12-Mar 9 Thu 6:50-7:35pm $75(R)/$90(N) 23993 Mar 16-May 18 Thu 6:50-7:35pm $75(R)/$90(N) Rockie Veverka Adult Tap This energetic class is for beginners or those looking to brush up on skills they already know. Have a blast while working on musicality, rhythm, and timing along with proper tap technique and clear tap sounds. Participation in the spring recital is optional. (RV) Age: 18 and up ● Boulder Point 23994 Jan 11-May 31 Wed 8:00-9:00pm $259(R)/$274(N) Allyson Gorecki CouplesDancing Star your week off on dance floor in this ballroom dance class for couples. Learn the Waltz, Rumba, Swing, Salsa and more! This class is perfect for those new to dance or those wanting to brush up on skills they already know. Class fee is per person. (RV) Age: 18 and up ● Boulder Point 24012 Jan 9-Mar 6 Mon 6:15-7:15pm $90(R)/$75(N) 24079 Mar 13-May 15 Mon 6:15-7:15pm $90(R)/$75(N) Sheila Paulino

Private Lessons Private dance lessons are available for danc ers who would benefit from personal atten tion from an experienced instructor. Lessons may found on a specific form of dance or dance skill, and are tailored to the student. Contact Rockie Veverka at 630.554.4478 or for more information or to register. $35(R)/(N) - 30 Minute Private Lesson $95(R)/(N) - 3 Pack Galaxy Cheerleading Galaxy Recreational Cheerleading is the perfect introduction to cheer! Skills including cheers, dances, jumps, and arm motions will be taught. Cheerleaders will perform in the annual spring dance recital. (RV) Sparks Age: 4 - 6 ● Boulder Point 24014 Jan 14-May 20 Sat 11:00-11:45am $199(R)/$214(N) Shooting Stars Age: 7 - 10 ● Boulder Point 24013 Jan 14-May 20 Sat 11:50am-12:50pm $239(R)/$254(N) $50(R)/(N) - Hourly Private Lesson $135(R)/(N) - 3 Pack

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