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Dance – Preschool Dance attire and recital information will be distributed via email prior to the first day of class, or can be found on our website at Story BookDance Listen to a magical story, create a craft project related to the story and dance to interactive songs in this engaging class! Dancers may wear ballet shoes or go barefoot. (RV) Age: 3 - 6 ● Boulder Point The Little Mermaid 24088 Jan 23 Mon 2:30-3:30pm $25(R)/$30(N) Rapunzel 24090 Feb 25 Sat 2:30-3:30pm $25(R)/$30(N) The Very Hungry Caterpillar 24091 Mar 23 Thu 11:00am-12:00pm $25(R)/$30(N) The Little Mermaid 24110 Apr 24 Mon 2:30-3:30pm $25(R)/$30(N) The Princess & The Frog 24111 May 13 Sat 12:10-1:10pm $25(R)/$30(N) Sleeping Beauty 24112 May 25 Thu 11:00am-12:00pm $25(R)/$30(N) DANCE

Broadway Babies Let your little star shine in this class that teaches singing, dancing, performing, and storytelling. Ballet shoes required. (RV) Age: 3 - 5 ● Boulder Point 24062 Jan 13-May 26 Fri 9:00-9:45am $209(R)/$224(N) Brianne Sendaj You&MeDance Parents participate with your child and enhance their enthusiasm for dance. Personality and personal style of movement will be explored. Freedom of expression and creativity is encouraged through interactive and upbeat songs. Dancers may be barefoot, in socks, or wear shoes. (RV) Age: 1½ - 2 ● Boulder Point 24076 Jan 14-Feb 18 Sat 9:05-9:35am $39(R)/$54(N) 24077 Feb 25-Apr 8 Sat 9:05-9:35am $39(R)/$54(N) 24078 Apr 15-May 20 Sat 9:05-9:35am $39(R)/$54(N) Brianne Sendaj 24040 Jan 9-Feb 13 Mon 9:45-10:15am $39(R)/$54(N) 24042 Feb 20-Apr 3 Mon 9:30-10:00am $39(R)/$54(N) 24071 Apr 10-May 15 Mon 9:30-10:00am $39(R)/$54(N) Sheila Paulino

Baby Ballet Designed for our littlest dancers, this class develops basic ballet, coordination, and gross motor skills through creative movement and interactive songs.

Ballet shoes required. (RV) Age: 2 - 3 ● Boulder Point 24073 Jan 14-Feb 18 Sat 9:40-10:10am 24074 Feb 25-Apr 8 Sat 9:40-10:10am 24075 Apr 15-May 20 Sat 9:40-10:10am Brianne Sendaj 23996 Jan 9-Feb 13 Mon 10:20-10:50am 24000 Jan 9-Feb 13 Mon 4:45-5:15pm 24001 Jan 12-Feb 16 Thu 9:30-10:00am 23995 Feb 20-Apr 3 Mon 4:45-5:15pm 23997 Feb 20-Apr 3 Mon 10:20-10:50am 24002 Feb 23-Apr 6 Thu 9:30-10:00am 23998 Apr 10-May 15 Mon 4:45-5:15pm 23999 Apr 10-May 15 Mon 10:20-10:50am 24072 Apr 13-May 18 Thu 9:30-10:00am

$39(R)/$45(N) $39(R)/$45(N) $39(R)/$45(N) $39(R)/$54(N) $39(R)/$54(N) $39(R)/$54(N) $39(R)/$54(N) $39(R)/$54(N) $39(R)/$45(N) $39(R)/$54(N) $39(R)/$54(N) $39(R)/$45(N)

Sheila Paulino

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