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Tot Rock Play with us! This interactive music, movement and imagination class has everyone on their feet! All class procedures are designed to keep staff and students safe. Activities include songs and rhymes, rhythm and coordination, fine and gross motor, imagination and sensory, listening and following directions skills. With a focus on STEAM learning, this program is a unique combination of music and learning. Don’t miss out! Join us for musical fun that really can’t be “beat”! www.rockitkids.com (BE-C) Tot Rock Age: 12 - 24 months with parent ● Boulder Point 24436 Apr 10-May 22 Mon 9:30-10:10am $84(R)/$99(N) Kid Rock I LunchBox Club Join us for fun, food, and friends! We’ll spend time participating in activities and eat lunch afterwards. Please bring a lunch and beverage each day. (KC) Age: 3 - 6 ● Civic Center 24470 Apr 19-May 17 Wed 11:45am-12:30pm $65(R)/$75(N) 24471 Apr 20-May 18 Thu 11:45am-12:30pm $65(R)/$75(N) Age: 3 - 6 ● South Point 24468 Apr 17-May 15 Mon 11:45am-12:30pm $55(R)/$65(N) 24469 Apr 18-May 16 Tue 11:45am-12:30pm $55(R)/$65(N) Age: 2 years with parent ● Boulder Point 24434 Apr 10-May 22 Mon 10:15-10:55am $84(R)/$99(N)

Books ComeAlive Each week children will travel into “storybook” land by reading a children’s book. Children will create an art project, sing songs, and participate in fingerplays through creative movement. A different book will be covered each week. Children will experience circle time, taking turns, and sharing with their friends in this preschool class. Civic Center Age: 3 - 5 24411 Apr 19-May 17 Wed 12:30-2:00pm $50(R)/$55(N) Age: 3 - 5 ● South Point 24410 Apr 17-May 15 Mon 12:30-2:00pm $50(R)/$55(N) Shapes, Colors, andCrafts, OhMy! Discover shapes and colors through art and craft activities, stories, songs and more! Class is designed to help children become acclimated to a preschool class room and assist them in becoming more independent. Tots, please wear your play clothes, we’re going to get messy! Children must be two years old by the first day of class. Please bring a copy of your child’s birth cer tificate to any Park District office before the first day of class. Students don’t need to be toilet trained, but a parent/caregiver must be available (in the building or by phone) to change their child if necessary. (KC) Age: 2 - 3 ● Boulder Point 24513 Apr 20-May 18 Thu 9:30-10:30am $55(R)/$65(N)

Let’s GetMessyWithArt! Finger paint, water colors, tempera paint and more! Children will explore with paint and make creations all while learning about a different artist each week. Please bring an old t-shirt as a smock. Age: 3 - 6 ● Civic Center 24465 Apr 20-May 18 Thu 12:30-2:00pm $65(R)/$75(N) Age: 3 - 6 ● South Point 24464 Apr 18-May 16 Tue 12:30-2:00pm $65(R)/$75(N) Just the Two of Us Children who enjoy preschool activities, but are not old enough or not yet ready to be in class alone, are welcome to register for this engaging class. Kids and their adult will enjoy weekly art and craft activities, group playtime, circle time, and more! Fee is per child, but an adult must accompany the child. (KC) Age: 1½ - 2½ ● South Point 24467 Apr 21-May 19 Fri 9:30-10:30am $50(R)/$60(N)

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