Spring 2023 Play Book



ChicagoRush Junior Academy This is an introduction to soccer for players looking to improve the fundamentals of the game. Players will spend 50 minutes a week with a professional coach. (PT-C) Age: 3 - 6 ● PrairieFest Park 24515 Apr 2-May 21 Sun 10:00-10:50am $90(R)/$105(N) ChicagoRushAcademy The Chicago Rush Academy Program is geared towards players who want a higher level of soccer instruction between the ages of 6 and 8. Under a nationally-established curriculum and guided by a passionate and committed professional coaching staff, the Chicago Rush Academy offers extraordinary player development. The training environment is fun, structured and safe - a place where players can express themselves and learn what soccer has to offer, the Rush Way. Games will be played on Sundays. (PT-C) Age: 6 - 8 ● Prairie Point Community Park 24514 Apr 3-May 24 Su,M,W 5:00-6:00pm $250(R)/$275(N)

EVPVolleyball Skills &Drills This class, hosted by VolleyKidz USA, features all the latest drills and training techniques, that build skills for the next level. Lots of contests and games, with fun, active instructors. Classes will concentrate on the fundamentals of passing, setting, over-hand serving and hitting. The lesson plan directs individual train ing that helps each student reach a new level with EVP certified coaches. (AF-C) Age: 8 - 12 ● Prairie Point Community Park 23764 Apr 13-27 Thu 5:00-6:30pm $70(R)/$85(N) 24736 May 4-18 Thu 5:00-6:30pm $70(R)/$85(N)

Beginner Archery If you have never shot a bow and arrow before, or it has been a number of years since you have, then this is the class for you. This class is an introduction to archery and archery safety. USA Archery certified instruc tors will teach you basics and how to be safe doing so. Learn proper shooting form to help you meet the goals for advancing your skills, as each new level of archery will bring new challenges. Successful completion of Beginner Archery is required to advance to Intermedi ate. (AF-C) Age: 8 and up ● Jaycee Park 24491 Apr 24-May 15 Mon 5:30-6:30pm $90(R)/$105(N) 24492 Apr 24-May 15 Mon 6:30-7:30pm $90(R)/$105(N) Level 1 Junior Golf Camp Join Teaching Professional, Jonathan Staton, with this 4-week program designed to introduce junior golfers to the great game of golf, learning all facets of the game in a fun and engaging atmosphere! (LR) Age: 5 - 8 ● Fox Bend Golf Course 24707 May 7-28 Sun 4:00-5:00pm $120(R)/(N) Age: 10 - 13 ● Fox Bend Golf Course 24706 May 7-28 Sun 5:00-6:00pm $120(R)/(N) Age: 5 - 8 ● Golf House, Aurora 24705 Apr 2-30 Sun 4:00-5:00pm $150(R)/(N) Age: 10 - 13 ● Golf House, Aurora 24699 Apr 2-30 Sun 5:00-6:00pm $150(R)/(N) Fox Bend Junior Golf League Join Coach Jonathan Staton and his Professional Coaching Staff for Fox Bend’s Junior Golf League! This 2x per week, 15-week program will feature both instruction (Mondays) and course time (Tuesdays). Junior Golfers will be able to sharpen their game and take it out onto the course while enjoying fun-spirited competition and learn teamwork-building skills. Fee includes instruction, course time, and junior golf swag! Junior Golf League participants will also enjoy $5 greens fees on Saturdays after 4:30pm when playing with a parent. (LR)

JDreams Basketball 101 101 camp is for beginner players, as well as players looking to reach the next level. Dribbling, catching, passing, shooting, and defense will be taught through individual challenges. (AF-C) Age: 8 - 12 ● Prairie Point Community Park 23765 Apr 15-29 Sat 8:30-10:00am $70(R)/$85(N) 24737 May 6-20 Sat 8:30-10:00am $70(R)/$85(N) JDreams Basketball 201 201 camp will advance players into “game situation” drills and continue to build basketball fundamen tals for each individual. Advanced drills in drib bling, passing, shooting, and defense will be taught. Finishing from all points of the lane will be tested and developed. 2 v 2 games will be played to show the importance of teamwork! (AF-C) Age: 8 - 12 ● Prairie Point Community Park 23766 Apr 15-29 Sat 10:00-11:30am $70(R)/$85(N) 24738 May 6-20 Sat 10:00-11:30am $70(R)/$85(N) JDreams: TheArt of Shooting This class will focus on building shooting skills and confidence in every player that attends. The program goal is to develop the player in every facet of shooting, in addition to training concepts to improve strength, agility, and quickness of each player. Topics covered are: form shooting, range finding, balance, footwork, shot selection, jumping, and first step explosion. (AF-C) Age: 8 - 12 ● Prairie Point Community Park 23767 Apr 15-29 Sat 11:30am-1:00pm $70(R)/$85(N) 24739 May 6-20 Sat 11:30am-1:00pm $70(R)/$85(N)

5Star Soccer Camp 5 Star Soccer Camps are proud to offer a fresh, enthu siastic approach to teaching youth soccer. We pride ourselves in delivering a curriculum that presents the most current and advanced information on the development of the youth soccer player. The quality of our staff is among the best around, working hard to build on fundamental technique, while creating an atmosphere that unlocks the game within each child. We believe in our program, designed for success, that presents a positive, enjoyable environment for learn ing from energetic coaches in youth soccer. Program of instruction designed by Michael Wiggins, 2 time Il linois High School Soccer Coach of the Year and Head Coach of the 2014 Illinois HS State Champions. (AF-C) Age: 5 - 13 ● Prairie Point Community Park 24205 Jun 26-30 M-F 9:00am-12:00pm $135(R)/$150(N)

Age: 5 - 18 ● Fox Bend Golf Course 24704 May 1-Aug 8 M-T 5:30-7:00pm


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