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SwimLessons: Level 4 Swimmers will work on technique and endurance.

SwimLessons - Adult Personalized swim lessons focusing on areas needing improvement for those who are just beginning, or who have a little more experience swimming. Instructors work to create a program based around becoming comfortable in the water as well as safety, skills, and technique. (CH) Age: 13 and up ● Winrock Pool 24694 Jun 10-Jul 29 Sat 9:00-9:30am $84(R)/$94(N) 24695 Jun 10-Jul 29 Sat 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N) 24696 Jun 11-Jul 30 Sun 9:00-9:30am $84(R)/$94(N) 24697 Jun 11-Jul 30 Sun 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N)

Seahorse SwimSquad This intra-squad swim team gives you all the skills, technique, and endurance without the travel! We practice 3 evenings a week, 3 meets; 1 intra-squad and 1 or 2 small meets with a local team. Enjoy the camaraderie and excitement of this new team. (CH) Age: 6 - 10 ● Winrock Pool 24540 Jun 12-Jul 20 M,W,Th 5:30-6:30pm $175(R)/$185(N) Age: 11 - 17 ● Winrock Pool 24541 Jun 12-Jul 20 M,W,Th 5:00-6:30pm $175(R)/$185(N)

New strokes will be introduced. (CH) Age: 5 - 12 ● Civic Center Aquatic Park 24662 Jun 12-22 M-Th 9:30-10:00am

$84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N)

24663 Jun 12-22

M-Th 10:15-10:45am

24664 Jun 26-Jul 7 M-F 9:30-10:00am 24665 Jun 26-Jul 7 M-F 10:15-10:45am

Age: 5 - 12 ● Winrock Pool 24654 Jun 5-28

M,W 6:30-7:00pm

24656 Jun 10-Jul 29 Sat 9:45-10:15am 24657 Jun 10-Jul 29 Sat 10:30-11:00am 24658 Jun 10-Jul 29 Sat 11:15-11:45am 24659 Jun 11-Jul 30 Sun 9:45-10:15am 24660 Jun 11-Jul 30 Sun 10:30-11:00am 24661 Jun 11-Jul 30 Sun 11:15-11:45am

24650 Jun 12-22 $84(R)/$94(N) 24651 Jun 26-Jul 7 M-F 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N) 24652 Jul 10-20 M-Th 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N) 24655 Jul 10-Aug 2 M,W 6:30-7:00pm $84(R)/$94(N) 24653 Jul 24-Aug 3 M-Th 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N) SwimLessons: Level 5 Swimmers will continue to build upon and master M-Th 12:00-12:30pm

Otters SwimTeam

their technique and endurance. (CH) Age: 5 - 12 ● Civic Center Aquatic Park 24672 Jun 12-22 M-Th 8:45-9:15am 24673 Jun 26-Jul 7 M-F 8:45-9:15am Age: 5 - 12 ● Winrock Pool 24670 Jun 10-Jul 29 Sat 10:30-11:00am 24671 Jun 11-Jul 30 Sun 10:30-11:00am

Season & Registration The Swim Team season begins at the end of May and concludes with the Conference meet July 15. Visit our website for additional swim team information or register online A detailed calendar of dates and events is available on Team Unify (www.oswegootters.org). All Otters practice and home meets will be at Winrock Pool. For more information about the Otters Swim Team, contact Carly Hontanon at 630.554.4466 or ottersswimteam@oswegolandpd.org. Practice Groups The minimum requirement to participate in Otters is the ability to swim 25 continuous yards of freestyle with breathing to the side and 25 yards of backstroke, both without touching the bottom, sides, or signs of distress. We will recommend the appropriate swim lesson or program for any swimmer not able to meet the requirements. Information on evaluation dates will be posted on Team Unify. Green: Swimmers will be introduced to competitive swimming but should already know the basic front and backstroke as well as rotary breathing (breathing to the side). White: Swimmers will be expected to swim multiple lengths of the four competitive strokes. Red: Swimmers at this level are capable of swimming 50 yards or more of all four strokes with correct form. Dryland workouts will be included. Black: Swimmers at this level have been swimming competitively for several years and are ready for intense conditioning, including dryland workouts.

Registration Register by age. Practice groups will be assigned at Evaluations. $329(R)/$339(N) Otters Swim Team Dual A discount for those swimming for a local USA or YMCA team in the summer. Name of other team required at registration. Dual team memberships will be verified. Participants are required to practice a minimum of two practices each week with the Otters. $289(R)/$299(N)

$84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N)

$84(R)/$94(N) $84(R)/$94(N)

24666 Jun 12-22 $84(R)/$94(N) 24667 Jun 26-Jul 7 M-F 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N) 24668 Jul 10-20 M-Th 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N) 24669 Jul 24-Aug 3 M-Th 12:00-12:30pm $84(R)/$94(N) M-Th 12:00-12:30pm

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