Spring 2023 Play Book



PROGRESSIVE SWIM LESSONS (pages 18-20) The Oswegoland Park District uses a progressive swim program based on the Jeff Ellis Swimming (JES) guidelines to develop your child’s confidence and skills in the water.

If your child is struggling with a particular skill or level, please consider private/semi private lessons to help participants adapt to the swim programmore easily. For more infor mation about our Swim Lesson Program, please visit our website.

To determine your child’s level, please use the following questions:

Yes to All? Level 2 1 Yes to All? Level 3 2 Yes to All? Level 4 3 Yes to All? Level 5 4

• Float independently on front and back? • Submerge face completely underwater? • Swim Freestyle with little or no help? No to Any? Level 1

Cancellation Procedures Swim lessons will run if the air temperature is at least 67 degrees and sufficient weather conditions exist (no heavy rain, thunder storms, or any other unsafe conditions). Water temperature is heated between 80 and 82 degrees. Cancellations will be posted on the RainoutLine as soon as possible. No individual calls will be made. We will do our best to make-up any days that are cancelled, if a make-up isn’t able to be scheduled then a refund will be issued for the days missed. ! Click to visit rainoutline.com for Program Cancellation & Facility Closure Information

• Complete front and back floats and glides comfort ably with little assistance? • Complete arm & leg movements for freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke? No to Any? Level 2

• Swim freestyle using rhythmic breathing? • Swim backstroke or elementary backstroke? No to Any? Level 3

• Tread water for 30 seconds? • Swim butterfly and breaststroke? No to Any? Level 4


• Tread using different kicks for more than 60 seconds? • Swimmore than 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke? • Swim 25 yards butterfly and breaststroke? No to Any? Level 5 Yes to All? Check out our Oswego Otters Swim Team, Seahorse Swim Squad, or Private Swim Lessons!

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