Spring 2023 Play Book



Cosplay Creation Are you a super fan of a series or franchise? If you love it, learn how to live it and look the part through cre ative cosplay. Learn how to find, make, and assemble awesome costumes and create perfect props to bring your fandom to life. Class includes practical applica tion and crafting. (CV) Age: 8 - 12 ● Boulder Point 24450 Apr 16-May 14 Sun 2:30-4:00pm $85(R)/$100(N) Age: 13 & up ● Boulder Point 24449 Apr 16-May 14 Sun 12:30-2:30pm $109(R)/$124(N) Embrace the challenge of tackling a variety of accents and dialects. Learn different characteristics of regional dialects and accents and how to replicate the sounds and speech patterns. Scenes and games will be used to test your new skills. (CV) Age: 13 and up ● Boulder Point 24451 Apr 3-17 Mon 7:00-8:30pm $35(R)/$50(N) Private Acting & Writing Lessons With the help of an energetic and highly trained instructor, students will benefit from one-on-one instruction catering to their individual needs and goals. All levels of experience and interest are welcome. Les sons available upon request. Please contact Cori at 630.554.4433 or cveverka@oswegolandpd.org for more information. (CV) • 30 minute lesson: $28(R)/(N) • Three 30 minute lesson package: $75(R)/(N) Act IV: Ages 13 & up Accents &Dialects

Limelight Performances Auditions for all shows will be held May 17-21. For more information on auditions, performance locations, times, and tickets visit limelighttheatrecompany.org Isolation: A Romance A college basketball player with a blown out knee and an aspiring singer-songwriter begin an unlikely relationship in the town where they grew up in this romantic comedy. Seven For Sidmouth In this medieval adventure, the fishermen of an English seaside village beset by bandits turn to a group of hired swordsmen to protect and defend them. Shrek JR It’s a “big bright beautiful world” as everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek, leads a cast of fairytale misfits on an adventure to rescue a princess and find true acceptance. The Addams Family (School Edition) America’s darkest family comes to life in this original musical about love, family, honesty and growing up.

Act III: Ages 11 & up Next Level Improv

Create comedy in the moment and entertain on your feet with Improv! Build on knowledge of improv basics, like listening, agreement, and understanding emotions to expand skills in character development and being a good ensemble member. Improv exercises and games help develop focus, foster creativity, and encourage teamwork. This is a great place for actors to continue their improv adventure. All participants must take at least one session of Improv Studio to

register for this class. (CV) Age: 11 - 15 ● Boulder Point 24453 Apr 5-May 10 Wed 6:35-8:05pm


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